20 de Mayo del 2017

Nuevos estudios sobre el tesoro

Han sido publicados dos nuevos trabajos sobre el Tesoro de Aliseda, titulados "El Tesoro de Aliseda: de la 'historia oficial' a la intrahistoria" y "Aproximación al contexto de las joyas de ...

25 de Abril del 2017

El Tesoro de Aliseda, en Innsbruck

Entre los días 8 y 11 de mayo, se celebrará en Innsbruck (Austria) el Congreso Internacional The Production of Locality and Empowerment in the Archaic Western Mediterranean. El profesor Alonso Rodríguez (G.I. PRETAGU) ...

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Although the exact circumstances of the discovery are known, they deserve a review to update the chronicle that has circulated in the twentieth century and  now seems completely outdated. We can not exclude that some data on the appearance of the Treasure of Aliseda remain in the collective memory of the residents of this town and that, due to different reasons , probably related to methodological rigor and research traditions, have had their own life apart of the archaeological and/or patrimonial level.

But the management of the Treasure of Aliseda is where an important field is opened to place it in the institutional network in order to professionalize the archeological discipline. We need a meticulous search in document collections of public and private archives to know exactly which were the mechanisms and ideological substrate involved in the discovery, and also the keys to the trip which took it to the National Archaeological Museum (NAM). In this regard, we appreciate the impact of the Treasure of Aliseda in regional archaeological institutions, mainly in the two Provincial Monuments Commissions. For reasons of jurisdiction, Cáceres Monuments Commission was responsible for intervening in the management of the discovery, led by Juan Sanguino. The circumstances of Badajoz Commission and Mérida Subcommission in the twenties of the last century are well known, but we  ignore everything on the Caceres Commission; we only know isolated activities of some of its members. The Treasure of Aliseda, which put the province in the forefront of the national archeology, is presented as a wonderful thread to lay the basis for the institutionalization of Archaeology in Cáceres, unreleased until today.

There are endless bibliographical references about Aliseda jewels; among them we must demarcate the common places of the ideas that have contributed to the construction of the phenomenon "oriental", a process in which Aliseda is a myth.

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