The fortuitous circumstances of the discovery and the rough hands that verified it (...) are the reason why we can not precess if it is a hidden treasure, like others, or the trappings of a lady in the grave..."


José Ramón Mélida, 1921

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These words, written by Mélida nearly a century ago, can be considered the beginning of the historical problem opened in 1920 by the discovery of the famous Treasure of Aliseda (Cáceres, Spain), one of the main icons of peninsular and mediterranean orientalising silverware. From then until today, this spectacular collection of jewels and various objects of prestige has been studied in terms of technic, culture and iconography by different specialists in an extensive bibliography. However, its socioterritorial context and historiographic analysis have hardly been studied.

The objective of this project, approved in the National Plan R+D+i MICINN and supported by Education and Culture Counseling of Junta de Extremadura, the City Council of Aliseda and the Group TAGUS, is to enter these paths from a territorial and geomining study of the settlement in the Sierra del Aljibe (Aliseda, Cáceres), connected to the treasure from our excavations of 1995 and of the rural complex of La Ayuela (Cáceres), discovered by the works of the AVE and excavated by TERA, S.L. under our scientific leadership in 2009. As a novelty, we should refer the archaeological excavation (2011) in Las Cortinas, a place next to "El Ejido" where in 1920 appeared Treasure of Aliseda.

Moreover, we intend to track and analyze existing documentation on the discovery of Aliseda in different regional and national archives in order to assess the management and the impact of the discovery in society and institutions of the time related to Heritage and the archaeological discipline. We propose, in short, an approach to the  historiographical and historical time of Aliseda treasure, which was contemporary with the legendary Argantonio and Tartessos.

May 20, 2017

New studies about the treasure

  Two new works have been published about Aliseda's Treasure, entitled "El Tesoro de Aliseda: from the 'official history to the internal history" and "Approaching the context of Aliseda's jewels: reinventing the tradition". Both studies, signed by A. Rodríguez, I. Pavón and D. M. Duque, are part of the work Histories ...

April 25, 2017

Aliseda´s Treasure goes to Innsbruck

  Between the 8th and the 11th of May, the International Congress “The Production of Locality and Empowerment in the Archaic Western Mediterranean” will be held in Innsbruck (Austria). Professor Alonso Rodríguez (G.I. PRETAGU) will participate with the talk entitled "Power, ideology and identity in the Tartessian Southwest: the ritual context ...

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