20 de Mayo del 2017

Nuevos estudios sobre el tesoro

Han sido publicados dos nuevos trabajos sobre el Tesoro de Aliseda, titulados "El Tesoro de Aliseda: de la 'historia oficial' a la intrahistoria" y "Aproximación al contexto de las joyas de ...

25 de Abril del 2017

El Tesoro de Aliseda, en Innsbruck

Entre los días 8 y 11 de mayo, se celebrará en Innsbruck (Austria) el Congreso Internacional The Production of Locality and Empowerment in the Archaic Western Mediterranean. El profesor Alonso Rodríguez (G.I. PRETAGU) ...

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La Ayuela : La Ayuela

The settlement La Ayuela (Cáceres) is located on a soft hill next to the river Ayuela, a affluent of the river Salor.  30 km to the northwest, we can see the settlement of Sierra del Aljibe of Aliseda. Today the surroundings are a treeless space, dotted with patches of ilex forest, pasture and farmland, unequally distributed. The site of La Ayuela was discovered during work on the AVE in the stretch Cáceres-Mérida and was entirely excavated by way of urgency by the company TERA, S.L. under the scientific direction of PRETAGU.

This is a rural complex of an Orientalising Period with at least three construction phases, partially affected by a later Roman reoccupation. However, the building seems to follow, from its beginnings in the VII-VI centuries BC to its abandonment in the VI-V centuries BC, a rectangular building model, with U-shaped header defined by two salient bodies and a large inner paved courtyard.  Around it, square rooms of different proportions were built and renovated with different functions throughout its existence. In general, we can say that it is a building conception traceable in oriental and orientalising architectural traditions, recognized in different contexts: Mediterranean, southwestern Spain and Extremadura region itself. Within the material record, there are some outstanding ornamental features (bronze rings, a small gold ball pendant...) related to the archeology of Aliseda.

The complex construction and certain items of prestige feed the hypothesis that La Ayuela was the residence of a rural elite who shared space and time with the Treasure of Aliseda. In any case, the contrast of this hypothesis goes through its microespatial studio, intensive exploration of its immediate area and its integration into the diverse typology of settlements so far documented in the peneplain of Cáceres.

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